Related Efforts


SAREDA-DA CNES- TOSCA project (PI. Léo Berline; 2018-2020): SArgassum Evolving Distribution in the Atlantic – Decadal Analysis (SAREDA-DA)

ORIGINS ANR project (PI. Thierry Thibaut; 2020-2023): Identity and origins of pelagic Sargassum

ForeSea ANR project (PI. Julien Jouanno; 2020-2023): Forecasting Seasonal Sargassum Events in the Atlantic

CESAR ANR project (PI. Jean-Raphael Gros-Desormeaux; 2020-2023): coastal Environment under SARgassum crisis

BIOMASS ANR project (PI. Léo Berline; 2023-2026): BIOenergetic Modeling Approach to Sargassum dynamics

Field cruises

Campagnes SARGASSES 2017. Sampling of Sargasso, of the fauna and flora associated with Sargasso rafts, and in situ measurement of environmental parameters.

PIRATA cruises : Prediction and Research Moored Array in the Tropical Atlantic

Community tools

ICHTHYOP a Lagrangian tool for modelling ichthyoplankton dynamics.